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Consistent Self-Discipline

February 15 2022 – Nick Massie

Consistent Self-Discipline
Consistent Self-Discipline

Today’s encouragement comes from my notes on one of my favorite talks by Jim Rohn.

He starts the talk by asking, “What’s at the core of achieving the good life?”

Jim ultimately arrives at the conclusion that Self-Discipline is the key to breaking through barriers that hold us back from achieving our goals.

He defines discipline in a handful of different ways, but my favorite definition is this:

Discipline: a constant human awareness of the need for action.

Consistent self-discipline will help you master the art of:

  • Setting Goals
  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Parenting and Relationships

There isn’t a person I know who wouldn’t want to get better at at least one of these.

Discipline puts off current comfort for a future prize. The example Jim gives of this is:

  • Lack of Discipline is rewarded now. (A relaxing day at the beach.)
  • Discipline is rewarded in the future, usually far off. (Not going to the beach today, but eventually owning the beach.)

Discipline isn’t the easiest option and discipline is a full time activity. It will always be harder to practice discipline. You have to be consistently consistent and take no days off!

And finally, perhaps the punchline of all of this, the one thing to commit to memory for times when you’re tempted to take the easy route:

For every disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward.

You reap what you sow. The longer you put off your reward, the more it multiplies. Slowly is the fastest way, right?

Let’s Break Through in ‘22 by Taking Action and practicing Consistent Self-Discipline. Deal?

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

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