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IAM FEST!!! Ice Age Meals Fitness Equipment Sweepstakes Time!!!

February 21 2019 – Nick Massie

IAM Fest Giveaway Ice Age Meals
IAM Fest Giveaway Ice Age Meals

We've been giving away fitness equipment for three years and finally found the perfect acronym!!!

IAM = Ice Age Meals FEST = Fitness Equipment Sweepstakes Time

FEST is short for FESTIVAL, which Webster defines as "a day or period of celebration". 

IAM FEST is a celebration of fitness. 

I am a huge fan of exercise equipment that includes a fan. We've got three "erg" implements (SkiErg, BikeErg, Erg(rower)) and a "fan bike" (Rogue Echo Bike), which we are giving away, in addition to a $500 Rogue Fitness gift card.

This celebration is in conjunction with the five weeks of the CrossFit Open and the best part is... No Purchase Necessary!

We'll be releasing one item each week and will share details on how you can enter the sweepstakes. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook so you don't miss out!

The giveaway will begin each Thursday evening and the winner announced each Tuesday morning.

Need more reason to celebrate? We've got four new meals on the docket, including our first Keto meals...

Whether you like winning stuff or you just enjoy a good festival, this promotion is the perfect ticket for staying on track with your fitness and nutrition as we head into Spring...

As always, we encourage you to make fitness a part of each day and remember...

"IAM, because what you eat is What You Are!"

Your Pal,

Nick Massie (formerly known as Paleo Nick)

("The Jo!" and "The Bro!" with cousin Jamie Pacheco of the Endless Summer Surf School, Poipu, Kaua'i, Hawai'i, February, 2019)