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Premade Paleo or Paleo from Scratch? Here's How to Do Both.

February 16 2017 – Jessica Timmons

Premade Paleo or Paleo from Scratch? Here's How to Do Both.
Premade Paleo or Paleo from Scratch? Here's How to Do Both.

It's pretty cool that you can enjoy tasty, crazy convenient Paleo meals whenever you want them. That's the idea behind Ice Age Meals, and there are thousands of you who are digging it (we love that!). But here at Ice Age HQ, we're driven by more than just stocking your freezer. We've written before about making your own Ice Age Meals, and today we're offering a little incentive to take a closer look at that whole idea. 

Through the end of February, you'll score a $50 IAM e-gift card when you join the Paleo Nick community with an annual subscription. If you aren't familiar, Paleo Nick is a subscription-based cooking site with hundreds of video tutorials. It's how Nick teaches people how to prepare amazing Paleo meals that aren't just good for your taste buds, if you know what we're saying. We publish brand new recipes on Paleo Nick every week, throwback posts to oldies but goodies, and we do a sweet little meal plan tester thing so you can see how real-life people handle these recipes (spoiler, they crush it). Nick jumps in with his two cents on the regular, so check out his Massie Monday and Fitness Friday posts. Good stuff.

There a few membership options - you can join for just a week, or a month, and we're going to roll out the option of just paying for a single video pretty soon here. But the hands-down best value is with an annual subscription. It'll set you back $69.99, and then you snag that $50 IAM gift card as our thanks.

There are lots of freebies on the Paleo Nick site. In fact, every single Ice Age Meal that you can buy right here is available for free. Get the recipes, and you can make your favorites yourself at home whenever the mood strikes.

Wondering why we share those recipes? It's simple. Nick is driven by teaching people how to improve their health by improving their nutrition, and that frame of mind has an amazing trickle-down effect. Everyone here at Ice Age is on board with the idea, so this kind of cross-promo was a total no-brainer.

All right, enough chitter chatter. Get that annual subscription locked in before February is over, we'll hook you up with that gift card, and you'll have Nick right where you want him - in your kitchen, showing you how to up your culinary ninja skills and stock that Paleo bank account (read: your freezer). 

Eat well, friends. Join the Paleo Nick community now. And enjoy that $50 Ice Age Meals gift card as a reward. You deserve it.