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Angel The IAM Angel

May 18 2020 – Nick Massie

Angel The IAM Angel
Angel The IAM Angel

Our hearts are broken.

Last Tuesday, one of our team members passed away after two days in a coma following an injury in a skateboarding accident. His name was Angel and he was one of three family members ( a mother and two sons) who worked in our kitchen.

Carmen, the mom, has worked with us for over four years and is one of the anchors in our portioning room. Edgar, her oldest son, works the pots and has been on our team for over 3 years. Angel only recently joined the IAM FAM as an employee, but has been part of our family since the day Carmen started.

Ice Age Meals Angel The Angel Carmen and Edgar

Carmen and Edgar share a hug and a smile.

Angel was a beautiful human with a quiet demeanor, a killer smile and a love for skateboarding. We all got to know him at our Christmas parties and employee gatherings over the years and we were excited to have his hard work contribute to our daily effort.

It is difficult to understand how something so devastating can hit so close to home without warning. We are all struggling to find meaning behind this, but are focusing on the fact that he died doing what he loved. 

If you would like to make a donation to Angel's bereavement fund, please click the link below and 100% of your gift will go directly to the family. 

Ice Age Meals is committed to supporting Carmen, Edgar and the rest of the family through this time of sorrow and grief.

Please take a moment to say a prayer for the family today.

We'll leave you with a picture of Angel's father, Fili, serving tacos at our Christmas Party. Keep on smiling, Fili! We are all here for you. Just know that Angel is now an Angel and he's serving "Tacos Al Pastor" al Pastor...

Fili Tacos Ice Age Meals Christmas Party