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Fast Facts - Are Ice Age Meals Gluten Free?

September 27 2016 – Jessica Timmons

Fast Facts - Are Ice Age Meals Gluten Free?
Fast Facts - Are Ice Age Meals Gluten Free?

Ice Age Meals are frozen Paleo meals, which means they're made without grains of any kind. That's true for all Ice Age Meals except our Lemon Pepper Chicken and Rice, which is helpfully labeled "Paleo + Rice" on the packaging and here on our website. So, does that make Ice Age Meals gluten free? You bet. But the Paleo/gluten-free discussion is still worth having, so here goes.

The quick answer is that while Paleo and gluten-free ways of eating seem to be interchangeable, they aren't. Your diet will be gluten free if you're eating Paleo, but a diet free of gluten isn't necessarily Paleo. Sounds crazy, but bear with us.

When you start following a gluten-free diet to improve your health, the main focus is cutting gluten. It's a good move - people typically notice a huge improvement in their health and energy levels pretty quickly. The thing is, the food industry has clued in and "gluten free" has become a real buzzword. You can find gluten-free everything these days, and while these brownies, pancakes, cake mixes, whatever, may have no gluten in the ingredient list, they're stuffed with alarmingly high levels of sugar and artificial sweeteners, chemicals, preservatives and other heavily processed additives. Now you tell us - are you really better off eating the latter? (No. The answer is no.)

If you start incorporating Paleo principles, on the other hand, not only are you avoiding gluten, you're also steering clear of highly processed foods by focusing on foods that are considered anti-inflammatory. Reduce inflammation in the body is often key in reducing and even eliminating serious health issues, plus a host of other benefits, including things like more energy, balanced blood sugar, better digestion, better skin and hair, and reduced risks of diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and inflammation.

The Paleo diet excludes grains, so you're going gluten-free when you start eating Paleo. It's a no-brainer, really, and it boils down to some research and some prep work. Making sure you have the right foods on hand all week long is the key to sticking to your Paleo nutrition plan.

Ice Age Meals makes that part easy - tasty and nutritious Paleo meals that are ready when you need them. Order a few today and give this whole Paleo thing a try. We promise, you'll be really glad you did.