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From Bums To Billionaires – What Sets Ice Age Meals Apart?

September 28 2016 – Nick Massie

From Bums To Billionaires – What Sets Ice Age Meals Apart?
From Bums To Billionaires – What Sets Ice Age Meals Apart?

For the better part of a year, my wife, our dog Charley and I would make a weekly trip to a back alley in downtown Anchorage, Alaska to cook for the homeless. During this same time period, I catered dinner parties for some of the richest people in the world. I learned an equal amount from each people group and it’s fair to say that, during this time, the seeds of Ice Age Meals were planted.

Sparked your curiosity, haven’t I?

The place was the Anchorage Downtown Soup Kitchen. We’d arrive at 9 AM and had two and a half hours to prepare soup for 500 homeless people. The ingredients were all donated from grocery stores and food banks. You know the type – expired, unpopular, off-taste, the stuff no one wanted. It was my job to turn it into gourmet gruel and the clock was ticking. We had two 120-quart stock pots and enough BTUs to make the magic happen.

What does this have to do with Ice Age Meals?

Two things. One, it was similar to the large batch style of cooking we perform at the Paleo Test Kitchen. Two, Ice Age was founded on giving, not taking.

During this same stint, I also cooked for billionaires. They’d come up to Alaska to go heli-skiing and I was their guy. While I hadn’t yet learned about The Paleo Diet, I knew how to turn out some tasty food, most of which featured Alaska’s bounty. King crab, king salmon, halibut, oysters, scallops, shrimp, moose, caribou, not exactly the brunch of bums if you know what I’m saying.

While I learned a great deal on the cooking side, it was the exposure to successful people and the dinner conversation that taught me the most. I essentially had free reign to ask these guys any questions I wanted. We’d talk about what I was doing, what they had done, and what it took to be successful. Almost all of them recommended I start a business that was scalable. Ice Age Meals falls into that category.

Fast forward six years and you find the launch of A lot happened in the meantime – I started CrossFit, I learned about Paleo, I learned about Zone, and I began applying the concepts of fitness and nutrition to my 15 years of cooking experience. I wanted to share my passion with the world and thus, developed my cooking blog. The site launched on June 1, 2012, and from that time until today, I’ve been on a mission to change the world.

If trends in America continue, there will be 100,000,000 people with type 2-diabetes by 2050. That’s a conversation for another time, but my point is that there is work to be done.

All of that background brings us to this. What sets Ice Age Meals apart?

  1. I have applied 21 years in the kitchen to the development of our recipes. They’ve been tested, retested and tested once more for flavor and freeze-ability. These are meals that you’ll crave.
  2. I have an undying pursuit of the best-quality ingredients. I don’t mean taking people’s word for it, but actually visiting farms and ranches, shaking hands and learning about the people behind the proteins and produce.
  3. Our meals are flash frozen, preserving quality without preservatives and ready when you are. Unlike fresh meals, which are wasting away from the moment they are prepared and often go bad before you eat them, Ice Age Meals are flash frozen and waiting for you in your freezer for when you need them most.

I could give you ten more reasons, but I need some material for a future post. So, check us out and compare us to the rest. I’m confident you’ll find there’s something – many things – different about Ice Age.

The first ingredient in all of our meals is love and we’d love to make a difference in your life.

Thank you for reading and please share with your friends (this post and the meals).

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick