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How Did Ice Age Meals Fare on Shark Tank?

September 28 2016 – Jessica Timmons

How Did Ice Age Meals Fare on Shark Tank?
How Did Ice Age Meals Fare on Shark Tank?

Over the summer, Nick Massie and Ice Age Meals were thrown in with the sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” And now everyone’s dying to know – do frozen Paleo meals sink or swim? Here’s what we can tell you, and everything we can’t.

What We Can Tell You

Not much! The Ice Age Meals episode of “Shark Tank” airs this Friday night, September 30, at 9 pm Eastern time, and that’s when all the secrets will be spilled. All we can do is remind you to set that DVR now, start prepping for your “Shark Tank” viewing party and if you’ve been on the fence about ordering any meals, consider this a sign to take the plunge.

“Shark Tank” is a popular show, to put it mildly, with millions of viewers tuning it. We’re anticipating a good percentage swinging by this site right here and sampling the frozen Paleo goodness that is Ice Age Meals, and we don’t want any delays for the folks who have been with us from the start. Order your meals now, and we’ll take good care of you.

What We Can’t Tell You

Do sharks like butternut squash lasagna? What about Thai meatball curry? Does Nick have what it takes to swim with sharks? Does he walk out of the tank with a deal, or does his Paleo poetry not sit well with those pointy-teethed man-eaters? And what do sharks prefer – grass-fed beef or fowl?

Ahhh, so many questions and so few answers! We hate to say it, but our hands are tied and all we can do is wait with bated breath until Friday evening ourselves. That’s when we can tune in with the rest of the country and see it all go down. Post-production is where the magic happens, so even Nick can’t wait to watch it all unfold – and he was there!

Here’s what we recommend – order some Ice Age Meals now, set the DVR just in case, and gather ‘round the tube this Friday night at 9 pm for “Shark Tank.” Go ahead and heat up an Ice Age Meal to enjoy while you’re watching! And between now and then, let’s blow it up to make the Ice Age Meals episode the most-watched “Shark Tank” ever. We’ve come this far – why not set the bar sky-high, right? We’ll be watching, and we hope you will too.