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Fast Facts: Are Ice Age Meals Gluten-Free?

February 06 2017 – Jessica Timmons

Ice Age Meals are gluten free
Ice Age Meals are gluten free

Yes. Yes. Yes. All twelve Ice Age Meals that you can buy right here, right now on this site or in the Reno storefront are free and clear of gluten. And all six meals we’re so very excited to launch in the not-so-distant future (spoiler!) are likewise gluten-free. That’s how it will always be, because Ice Age Meals are frozen Paleo meals, and that means - with one exception - they have no grains. The exception, of course, is our Paleo + Rice line. Rice is the only grain you'll find in Ice Age Meals, and it's right now, it's only offered in our Lemon Pepper Chicken and Rice meal.

Here’s the thing about the gluten-free world today – it’s become big business. But just because you follow a gluten-free diet doesn’t always mean you’re eating well. You may be surprised, but there’s a lot of crap hiding in those pretty packages of gluten-free donuts, waffles, brownies, cookies and cakes. If you remember one thing in this post, it should be this: highly processed foods – gluten-free included – are not your friend. The vast majority of these products have way too much sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals and other nonsense.

By definition, you’ll be eating a gluten-free diet when you follow a Paleo nutrition plan. But you aren’t going Paleo just because you're cutting out gluten. There are other tenets to the Paleo diet, and we’re going to sharing our interpretation here at Ice Age Meals in an upcoming post soon. So stay tuned.

For now, give us your poor Celiac sufferers, your gluten-intolerant masses (that’s, like, everyone). At Ice Age Meals, we’re gluten-free and proud of it.