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Going Paleo? Here's How to Cheat.

September 16 2016 – Jessica Timmons

Going Paleo? Here's How to Cheat.
Going Paleo? Here's How to Cheat.

If you're new to the Paleo train, you're about to learn that it's a super awesome, super effective way of properly fueling your body. On the downside, it's also a way of eating that calls for some serious cooking. Like, every day. And for some people and some families, that is a recipe (ha) for trouble. But good news - you can cheat on that Paleo diet with a little thing called Ice Age Meals.

Stock your freezer with a few of these babies, and even on the very worst days - you know, car trouble, delayed starts, empty cupboard, even emptier fridge, growling belly, all that jazz - you'll know that sticking to your Paleo eating plan will be no trouble. Ice Age Meals are ready when you are. Awesome, right? But it gets better.

Ice Age Meals are frozen Paleo meals that not only taste great, they're like Paleo for dummies. Just heat and eat and go ahead and pat yourself on the back for committing to a really great nutrition plan and sticking it out. We all know that things get derailed when we don't properly plan and prep. But life happens, and you know what they say about good intentions and best-laid plans. And that's exactly where Ice Age Meals really shine.

There are more than a few Paleo meal delivery options out there. So do your homework. Look around, check out some reviews, compare price points, menu options, delivery times and prices. Ice Age Meals started because the chef behind this whole operation saw a need out there - all of you Paleo-eating wannabes who need some help now and then - and decided to create the easiest, tastiest, most cost-effective solution. And look at us now! We're pumped to be bringing Paleo food to the masses. It's a beautiful thing.

So, no, there's really no cheating when you go Paleo. That defeats the entire purpose, you know? But you can make things way easier on yourself with a little Paleo insurance in the freezer. And when you have time to cook, jump over to Paleo Nick for some lessons. And when you have negative time to do anything, remember that your freezer is stocked and life is good.