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The Paleo Grind - A Spice Line Straight From Paleo Nick

December 05 2016 – Jessica Timmons

The Paleo Grind - A Spice Line Straight From Paleo Nick
The Paleo Grind - A Spice Line Straight From Paleo Nick

If you've been hanging around the Ice Age Meals website over the last few months, you may have seen spices for sale. But our Paleo Grind spice blend line is so awesome, we thought it deserved a website of its own. So while there is still a spice page on this site, we've been grinding away on a dedicated site for a while now. The unveiling is nearly upon us, and we are pumped. Consider this a little tasting.

The Paleo Grind line is made up of six spice blends that pretty much cover all your seasoning needs.

  • Ga Ga Garlic 
  • Greek Freak
  • Super Radical Rib Rub
  • Veggie Victory
  • Lemon Pepper Love
  • Cheechako Tako

Some of these babies will shine in specific dishes, and a few are ideal all-purpose seasonings. Each spice blend comes with a little story about its origins and a recipe too, so you can get right to cooking. Clear out the spice cabinet now - these blends are pretty much all you need.

You can buy our spices individually for $9.99 or get the whole shebang in a convenient six-pack for $46.99. You'll get one of everything so you can season generously and eat magnificently. Shipping is free in the USA, $10 to Canada and $15 internationally. 

These are generously sized spice bottles, too. Product weight varies between 4.5 ounces (Greek Freak) up to 7.2 ounces (Cheechako Tako and Ga Ga Garlic).

Paleo Nick uses these spice blends in tons of recipes over on, and you'll find them added to some of our fan favorites here at Ice Age Meals too. If you love the ribs and tri trip, stock up on a little Super Radical Rib Rub and try out a little culinary ninja action of your own. Take veggies of all kinds somewhere seriously righteous with Veggie Victory, and up your taco game (and forget the preservative-laden store mix) with Cheechako Tako. Let your Greek flag fly when a dash of Greek Freak, and lemon lovers will fall head over heels for our Lemon Pepper Love. If you're a garlic fan like Nick, well, you're about to get a little loopy for Ga Ga Garlic. Seriously - you have to try them all.

If we've whet your appetite a bit for beautifully seasoned food, awesome! That was our goal. Keep checking back - we'll be launching the Paleo Grind site soon, and there may be a few fun promotions to celebrate.