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How to Make Paleo Nick's Paleo-Q Sauce

December 02 2016 – Jessica Timmons

How to Make Paleo Nick's Paleo-Q Sauce
How to Make Paleo Nick's Paleo-Q Sauce

Paleo Nick flew the coop for a family getaway, and we're taking the opportunity to share a few Ice Age secrets. We get request after request for a condiment line - that's an idea in the making - but for now, we'll settle with directing you to the Paleo Nick site for a free video. Ahem, one that just happens to share a certain special sauce.

Yep, we're talking about the Paleo-Q Sauce that graces one of our fan favorites - Ribs N Sweets. Whether you're in camp rub or camp sauce, you're #winning because this video shares recipes for them both.

Pop quiz - which two fruits does Nick use in his Paleo-Q Sauce?

a) Pineapple and lime

b) Mango and peach

c) Peach and pineapple

We aren't telling, so make the jump, scan the recipe and see for yourself. Then hit up the store for all these ingredients and surprise the family or your buddies with a BBQ smack-dab in the middle of winter. It's not really barbecue season around these parts, but Nick's rib recipe is oven friendly, so you're in luck.

For those of you who prefer rib rubs already, you know, in rub form, good news. We're grinding away on our Paleo Grind spices website, and it should be fully operational sometime next week. Stay tuned for a splashy announcement.

But first, the ribs. Rub 'em, grill/bake 'em, slather 'em with this Paleo-Q Sauce, and get after it. You'll up your barbecue game forever with Nick's recipe, and in his infamous words, you'll still be able to "Keep it Paleo!"