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Ice Age Meals Corners the Market on Frozen Paleo Meals

November 17 2016 – Jessica Timmons

Ice Age Meals Corners the Market on Frozen Paleo Meals
Ice Age Meals Corners the Market on Frozen Paleo Meals

Ice Age Meals makes it easy to stick to your Paleo lifestyle, with minimal work and little sacrifice. Our meals aren’t pre-prepped, leaving you to assemble and cook. And they aren’t sealed in a vacuum-pack, leaving you to squish them out, reheat and cook. Nope, we’re cornering the market on frozen Paleo meals that are seriously good and seriously convenient. Your job is to stock your freezer and reheat a meal when you're hungry - we take care of the rest.

And while we could talk until we’re blue in the face about all the reasons Ice Age Meals isn’t your average Paleo meal delivery company, we’re going to let some recent customers do the talking for us.

  • Ice Age Meals save you time!

“These amazing meals have saved me so much time. It’s hard when you have to make two dinners. Now my family eats what they want, and I can have something equally tasty in less than six minutes.”

  • Ice Age Meals save your palate from tasteless gluten-free food!

“This is my third gluten free meal delivery service and so far these meals blow the others away! As a gluten-sensitive workaholic mom, I rely on programs like this to keep me well and sane. Now I can be so with a satisfied palate!”

  • Ice Age Meals improves your quality of life!

“We are in love with Ice Age! Sharks missed it! This is not only great food but totally changes our quality of life. I did not realize how much time I spent planning/shopping/cooking/cleaning up/managing stressed out toddlers while doing all of the above. Now I am able to enjoy perfectly portioned great tasting healthy food and my toddlers.”

  • Ice Age Meals helps you eat clean without sacrificing flavor!

“Fabulous!!! Finally healthy, delicious food from my freezer. Bought the Shark Tank Special and they were kind enough to substitute all the pork items for us. The food tastes great! We will be buying this again and again. Thank you so much for helping us eat clean.”

It's a pleasure to read such positive feedback again and again. And we'll be honest - it's not all sunshine and puppy dogs. But we love constructive criticism, and we know there's always room to improve. It's why we're searching for better packaging, having our meals formally tested in a laboratory, dialing in new recipes for new meals, sourcing even better quality ingredients, all that good stuff.

For now, we hope you'll take to heart all these good reviews and try out Ice Age Meals yourself. Our goal is high-quality Paleo meals that are as convenient as they are nutritious and delicious. We think we're nailing it, and looks like a lot of our customers do too.