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Three Keys to Buying Frozen Food

November 07 2016 – Jessica Timmons

Ice Age Meals tips for buying frozen food
Ice Age Meals tips for buying frozen food

Given the choice, most people prefer fresh to frozen. It makes sense, but have you ever wondered why? Our guess is that folks tend to associate “fresh” with “healthy” and “frozen” with “yuck.” Now watch us take that argument down with this simple counterpoint: fresh-baked cookies (delicious but definitely not healthy) and Ice Age Meals (frozen yet still delicious and nutritious).

If we can all agree that just because something is fresh or freshly prepared doesn’t automatically make it healthy, let’s take a closer look at the whole frozen food thing. The secret to buying frozen food that’s actually worth eating – both for flavor and for, you know, the whole point of eating, which is fuel – is no mystery.

Here are three keys next time you stock up the freezer.

1. Be clear about what you’re buying

The simplest way to make sure your frozen shortcut is a smart move is by making sure you know exactly what you’re buying. Get up close and personal with that ingredient list, and be wary of anything you can’t identify (or pronounce). Be clear that flavor sometimes comes at quite a cost – and we aren’t talking about a hit to the wallet. Some of the meals hawked in the frozen food aisle of the grocery store are positively drowning in added sugar, salt and terrible, horrible, no good, very bad fats, and all in the name of enhanced consumer enjoyment. That’s what makes Ice Age Meals an awesome alternative. Frozen for freshness and convenience, but with no sacrifice to nutritional content or flavor. How’d we manage that? We have our ways…

2. Understand portion sizes

Single-serving meals make us think they’re, well, single servings. And that may be just fine, if you’re an adult male pushing 200 pounds and killing an Ice Age Meal. Not all frozen foods qualify as single servings, so again, take a close look at the nutrition information and be clear about what you’re eating and how much you should be downing in a sitting.

3. Nutrition guidelines still matter

Don’t be fooled by meaningless labels like “all natural.” If you’re starving and heating up a frozen pizza because it’s fast and easy, it doesn’t matter how natural that cheese topping is. Sure, you’re saving time and maybe money, but this kind of food is doing you no health favors. Keep the rules of clean eating in mind. Follow them, or don’t, but be honest about what you’re putting in your mouth.

If your goal with frozen food is convenience, portion control, serious nutrition and killer flavor, you’re in the right place. Ice Age Meals does all that and more. You won’t get into nutrition trouble enjoying an Ice Age Meal, and they’re always there when you need them.