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Fast Facts: How Many Calories in an Ice Age Meal?

November 01 2016 – Jessica Timmons

Ice Age Meals Lemon Pepper Chicken and Rice
Ice Age Meals Lemon Pepper Chicken and Rice

When you pay close attention to the nutrition component of your food, you usually take note of a few different things. You look at the macronutrient breakdown, and things like added sugar, sodium and overall calories. That last one is a hot topic among new visitors around here - lots of people want to know, how many calories are in Ice Age Meals? Today, we're saving you a trip to our FAQ page and answering this burning question for you, right here, right now.

All Ice Age Meals are around 500 calories - and these are some high-quality calories. We don't use cheap fats or refined carbs, ever, and we're proud to prepare Paleo goodness that's as nutritionally sound as it is tasty. Remember, our meals are also four blocks according to the Zone Diet, and they break down into 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. 

Portion sizes for Ice Age Meals will vary from one person to the next. Factors like your body composition and level of activity will dictate whether you can or should put away a whole meal in one sitting, or if you should save half for later.

Full disclosure - all of our meals are currently being tested at a laboratory for full nutritional facts. The macro breakdown on our meal sleeves and on the site here are as accurate as we can get doing the math ourselves. Luckily, Nick has a head for numbers, so you can breathe easy. But because we believe in complete transparency, we're going the lab route. We expect those results back this week, and we'll be updating our nutrition information as quickly as we can.

For now, you should know that each meal is in the 500-calorie neighborhood, so you can figure the rest of your day's nutrition around that. Check back soon - we'll be putting Nick's numbers to the test just as soon as we hear back from the lab.

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