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An Ice Age Meals Update - We're Burning the Midnight Oil!

October 25 2016 – Jessica Timmons


Oh. Man.

This crazy Paleo train has been firing on all cylinders, day and night, since our Shark Tank appearance almost a month ago. And here's the thing about Shark Tank - they make no promises that your filmed episode will ever actually air, and they warn against doing anything to prepare for the eyes of a million viewers on you.

We had two weeks' notice that our episode had made the cut, and we immediately ramped things up. But we're a small crew, and our meals are prepared in small batches. We don't store all this Paleo goodness for months on end in some enormous freezer - there is no massive inventory with meals we made in January. This is frozen food, yes, but it's freshly frozen.

So five weeks ago, we were doing our very best to prepare for... well, we didn't really know. A bump in orders? Lots of traffic on our website? More phone calls, social media messages and emails? We expected all of that, but we were still blown away by the volume of it all.

We immediately set to work, weathering growing pain logistics like shipping and supply chain delays, making a few honest mistakes on the four thousandth packed meal of the day, and putting in back-to-back-to-back early mornings and late nights to answer emails, return phone calls, prepare meals and get them out the door as quickly as possible.

Our best guesses for getting caught up were off the mark. Twice. And we're still feeling bad about that.

To everyone who waited - to everyone who is still waiting - we are so appreciative and humbled by your continued patience and good grace and plain old understanding. Everyone knows the saying, "It's a good problem to have," and while that's bang on in this little scenario, our goal is to make each one of you happy with your experience here at Ice Age Meals. We are doing our very best - hiring and training new staff, implementing improved systems to streamline our packing and shipping process, falling down and getting right back up - and we hope you'll hang in there with us.

Very soon, we'll be all caught up and back to the turnaround times listed on our FAQ page (the very times a few of you have copied and pasted in your emails to us). Right now, we're still backordered 15 business days - weekends don't count - from the day you placed your order. But we're coming in hot, we see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we're pushing hard to close the gap.

From all of us here - thank you. Keep an eye on your inbox for that shipping notification and look for a little something tucked in the box when it shows up. We know you're hungry, and we want you to know we're burning that midnight oil to get you your meals.