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Ice Age Meals: Bringing Healthy Back to Frozen Food

October 17 2016 – Jessica Timmons

Ice Age Meals: Bringing Healthy Back to Frozen Food
Ice Age Meals: Bringing Healthy Back to Frozen Food

For a lot of people, frozen food is synonymous with TV dinners. They hear “frozen Paleo meal” and immediately picture a sad, dried-out Salisbury steak and a pitiful medley of mushy peas and carrots. Gross. But good news! There is such a thing as nutritionally sound frozen food that reheats beautifully and is as flavorful as it is fast and easy.

These days, there are lots of companies hawking healthy, ready-to-heat meals. The challenge becomes finding the ones that hit the trifecta – great taste, serious nutritional cred and reasonable price point. Here’s why Ice Age Meals nails all three.

  • Great Taste

The thing about having a chef running the show means no compromise when it comes to flavor. But the thing about having a Paleo chef running the show means no flavor compromise while sticking to the nutritional guidelines of this way of eating. That’s a win-win. We all know eating clean is important, but let’s be honest – it can be time consuming (endless prep), repetitive (easier to stick with what you know works), and well, it can get a little boring sometimes (we’re looking at you, chicken and salad).

Luckily, Ice Age Meals has this part dialed. Our meals are the kind of flavorful food that people eat again and again. Incidentally, it’s the kind of food Nick teaches you how to make yourself if you so choose. But no matter who makes it, this stuff tastes good. Really. And not only do you get the pleasure of enjoying great food, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re fueling your body with exactly what it needs – which brings us to bullet point two.

  • Serious Nutritional Cred

Too many times, we focus only on the “tastes good” part of a meal, and not enough on the “provides adequate nourishment” part. Food is supposed to fuel us properly. That’s its job. But the average diet today is made up of refined foods, trans fats and sugar, all of which contribute heavily to a whole host of unpleasant degenerative diseases that are systematically destroying the health of the population at large. The Paleo approach to nutrition is designed to cut out these elements of the modern diet with an eating plan composed of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats from specific sources. Full stop.

Ice Age Meals began because Nick saw a void in the market. He stepped in to fill that void with frozen Paleo meals that offer appropriate nutrition without compromising on flavor. You’ll find ingredient lists on our packaging and on individual meal pages here on the site, and all of our meals are currently being tested for complete nutritional information. All of our meals are designed to offer complete nutrition as conveniently and yummy-ishly as possible.

  • Reasonable Price Point

Pop quiz – if you’re eating out three times a week, how much are you spending? Even a medium latte costs upwards of $4 these days, particularly if you’re getting fancy with almond milk. Add a nutritionally-void and undeniably tasty muffin or scone to the mix, plus a tip for the hardworking barista, and you’re looking at $10, easy, for caffeine, sugar and refined carbs. Not really the breakfast of champions, am I right?

Ice Age Meals are $10.99 apiece. Some people immediately do the mental math specific to their own coffee shop/lunches out situation, and consider our price point eminently reasonable. Others fall into the trap of “frozen food” and think our meals should run in the $4 range. But remember this – you get what you pay for. That applies to good shoes, good cars and good food.

No matter how well you prepare, life can sometimes get the best of all of us. And when your day is going south, and you’re hangry and tired and beyond frustrated, an Ice Age Meal in the freezer can be a saving grace. Our meals are fast, filling, nutritionally sound and downright tasty. Sometimes, that’s all you need.