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A Lesson in Making Your Own Ice Age Meals

October 09 2016 – Jessica Timmons

A Lesson in Making Your Own Ice Age Meals
A Lesson in Making Your Own Ice Age Meals

Making the decision to go full Paleo isn’t the hard part. Nope, the hard part about adopting a Paleo lifestyle is the endless prep and meal planning and cooking that goes on behind the scenes. So what’s a Paleo wannabe to do? Stock up on Ice Age Meals, for sure, but what about learning how to cook your own Ice Age Meals? How do you make Paleo meals that you’ll actually want to eat? Hey, good news. We have a recommendation. And we think you’re going to like it.

We recommend a little visit with Paleo Nick. For years, he’s been sharing recipes and meal plans on his cooking blog that make the ol’ chicken-and-vegetable standard of Paleo nutrition seem as boring and uninspired as, well, plain chicken and vegetables.

Wake up, buttercups! Paleo doesn’t have to be plain. And one look at makes that clear PDQ.

Paleo Nick is a subscription-based site, although non-members can poke around and find some freebies. You’ll definitely get a better experience with full access, so choose your plan – a monthly rate, a one-time thing, or an annual price – and boom. You’ll get instant access to more than 250 Paleo recipes and cooking tutorials, 52 weeks of meal plans, grocery lists and shopping guides, step-by-step prep instructions, and everything else you need to step into the Paleo lifestyle with ease.

If you’re digging the fajita pie here at Ice Age, for instance, well, Nick will show you how to make it yourself. What about our best seller, the butternut squash lasagna? Yep, he’s sharing all his secrets on that one too. Actually, he’s showing you how to prepare every Ice Age Meal yourself, at home, when it suits you. And here’s the best part – we’ve made all of these recipes and videos available to everyone, no membership necessary.

Why would Nick share all these recipes? He’ll tell you himself – he’s passionate about sharing his extensive cooking knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. And that’s the simple truth. See, Nick takes alarming statistics about health in America to heart, and he uses it to fuel the fire. He really wants to help people – all people – improve their health by improving their nutrition.

He doesn’t care how you do it – buy the meals here, or let him teach you how to make them yourself. The important part to him, and to all of us here at Ice Age HQ, is helping people making positive changes in their lives.

Eat for nutrition. Eat for taste. And if you’re not sure how, let Nick show you.