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The Power Of Working Outdoors!

October 14 2021 – Nick Massie

The Power Of Working Outdoors!
The Power Of Working Outdoors!


This week I worked remotely. It's been a while since I have done that. I'm a hands-on kind of guy, so I usually find myself in the IAM office, warehouse, or kitchen. 

I like to see the day-to-day operations, chat with my team, and be there for any issues that may pop up. I enjoy lunches and workouts with my team too!

But now and then, I decide to work remotely. It's a great way to encourage team members to work through problems and rely on each other instead of me. I hope that makes me a good leader. It boils down to trusting my people and knowing they are 100 percent able.

This week, I worked in Minnesota on some family land. It was great to sit my computer up outside and take in the fresh air. It made me think about how all of us should break away like this sometimes.

You don't even have to travel - I mean, take your laptop to a friend's porch or the local watering hole. 

Use your lunch break to walk in the wilderness or jog to somewhere you would usually drive. 

Find a sunset and greet a sunrise. 

Take a bike ride or a swim, just once, not for exercise, but just for fun!

Spend a minute observing the beauty out your back door or listening to the magical sounds of nature.

We are all so busy and over-scheduled, sometimes you have to force yourself to slow the roll. 

And it's good for every fiber of your being to connect with the one thing in life that is entirely free - the outdoors. I got to see plenty of it this week. From catching giant muskie on breaks to running my hands through the Minnesota water each morning before meetings, working remotely was even sweeter.

And I am coming back a recharged man. My focus is sharper. My dreams are more vivid. My heart is happier.

My goal is that all of this makes me a better husband, father, and boss.

So let this serve as a reminder to seek adventure in your everyday life. And if you can work remotely occasionally, head outside!

Remember, when you seek, you will find.

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick