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Who Else Is In A Growth Season?

October 20 2021 – Nick Massie

Who Else Is In A Growth Season?
Who Else Is In A Growth Season?

Growing pains.
My, have we had them lately.

I’ve always known that growth is a good thing. Nothing in life stays the same forever.
We are constantly evolving.
Our minds change.

Bodies of water move.
Relationships morph.
Jobs come and go.
The earth turns.
Dreams fluctuate.
Honestly, nothing is precisely the same from the beginning until the end. For some people who don’t like change, it can be scary. For me, I have always welcomed change because ultimately it equates to forced growth. And sometimes, we need to be forced to grow because otherwise we would settle for the safe option only. It’s human nature to some extent.

Right now though for Ice Age Meals, I’m not going to lie - growth is painful. Not in an agonizing, cry myself to sleep kind of pain. Just a big inhale and an extra-long exhale type of pain.
This year I have put a strong focus on sharpening the edges of my business.
Paying more attention to the tiny details.
Learning how to communicate more e
ffectively with my team.
Adding amazing sta
Stepping back and evaluating what is working and what is not working in my business model.
I have learned so much along the way, but my oh my, it has not always been fun.
I’ve discovered things I wish I knew years ago.
I have learned skills I also wish I knew years ago.
But I remind myself, there is no sense in looking back.
Forward momentum is always the best recipe.
And I find myself sitting here in awe.
Truly in awe of how much the brain can comprehend if you push it.
In awe that every time I wanted to give up on a task, someone came along and reminded me of all the good in humanity.
In awe that God continues to use me and pour into me when I listen to Him.

So this message is for anyone out there who is also going through this “growing season” of life. And perhaps you are thinking to yourself, when is this pain going to stop?
Remember, that with growing pain comes development.
With growing pain comes deeper relationships.

With growing pain comes trophies.

Every time you push yourself to alter something for the better, from fitness to business, you know it is never easy. But change is like a muscle - the more change you experience in life, the stronger you become.
Each growing pain is setting you on your way to becoming the best version of yourself. Absorb that truth ... and keep growing, my friends!

Your Pal, Paleo Nick