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Why are people still putting chemicals into their bodies?!

October 25 2021 – Nick Massie

Why are people still putting chemicals into their bodies?!
Why are people still putting chemicals into their bodies?!


For years, people who don’t know the company well have asked why we don’t use preservatives in our food. The short answer is simple - why add nasty chemicals to our bodies? 

And that’s what separates our food from so many other meal prep companies out there. Freezing our food at -20 locks in the nutrients and eliminates us having to use preservatives.

I was reading an article the other day talking about this exact topic. Registered dietician Stephanie Hnatiuk says, “Preservatives are commonly found in processed foods we purchase at grocery stores.  Artificial preservatives help “decrease the price of that food product for the consumer.”

And think about this - artificial preservatives are chemical substances that get added during the manufacturing process of the food. The most popular are sodium benzoate, sorbic acid, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT).

Who can even pronounce those names??!? It’s crazy to me that so many people are still putting these chemicals into their bodies.In general, we all want to avoid sickness, cancers, and chronic illness, right?  We all want to live a long life.

I think of it as putting fuel in your vehicle and determining how well the car runs. Put gas in - your engine, transmission, and motor are all happy. Put oil in - your car with essentially blow up. Ok, not literally but, all the essential parts will eventually shut down. 

Same with our bodies - we fuel it with real food, it runs better, we sleep better, we live longer. We fill it with sugar, preservatives, artificial flavor - our organs feel it. And not in a good way. I’m no doctor, but I promise you the body does not function to its highest potential when you fill it with junk. 

So for those of you who enjoy eating preservative-free, rev those engines and have a great week! GO FAST & ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS!