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There's Hope! Week One Update.

October 27 2022 – Nick Massie

There's Hope! Week One Update.
There's Hope! Week One Update.

Hi guys,

This is the Week One Update! We’ve seen tremendous support since we sent the “We’re Closing Our Kitchen” email last Thursday.

From all corners of the globe, people are wishing us well and hoping that we can stay in business. Stateside, people are placing orders in support and many friends from over the years are reaching out to offer help. It feels good!

As the clock ticks down, perhaps you are considering ordering some meals? Maybe you are considering gifting meals to someone for Christmas? Or, is it possible that you’ve added us to your morning prayer? You know, something like this:

Dear Lord, 

Thank you for this beautiful day and for the opportunity to experience this amazing life you’ve blessed me with. Please help me to be better than I was yesterday and to leave everyone I meet better than I find them.

I also pray for Ice Age Meals today. I ask that you’d help Nick and his Ninjas find the way through. While the path may be narrow, it’s where they’re closest to you. Remind them that they can do all things with you as their guide.

Please give them many more days to help people Eat Better. Live Longer. and inspire them as they put their hands to the plow.

Thank you Father.


Even just reading that prayer will help and we will be forever grateful!

If you do plan to order meals, please don’t wait. We are in a tentative situation and your order will help us better navigate these next two weeks. 

I'll order some right now!

We have people on all ends of the spectrum offering help. My man, Juan Barrera, from Marina Del Rey is working overtime to find us a financing solution for the warehouse property. He wants to help us continue to provide a healthy alternative to “the science experiments they are marketing to our kids”. Thank you, Juan!

On the other end of the spectrum, we got an email from Greg Connolly of Trifecta Nutrition. He said he was sorry to hear the news as we are all in a tough position right now. He wished us well in our sale, but also offered to buy our assets when we close down. A bit of a mixed message, but we’ll see how things go…

Just to be clear, I do not want to sell our assets to Trifecta Nutrition.

I do want to remind you what Ice Age Meals is all about:

  • We cook all of our meals in small batches with lots of love.
  • We offer a large portion of high-quality animal protein in every meal.
  • We work very hard to source the best ingredients, which are void of gluten, soy, dairy, added sugar, chemicals/preservatives,  and industrial seed oils - we only cook with olive oil.
  • We freeze our meals at the peak of freshness, so that they are ready when you are. 
  • We control 100% of our food production out of one kitchen, we do not subcontract any of our cooking.
  • We care about our employees. Through this challenging time, every single Ninja has told me that they are with me to the end. This means a lot!
  • We have a higher purpose and work for The Great IAM.

Here is a Proverb from today that I read with my boys at 3:54am out in the mountains of central Nevada:

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

If you can buy meals, do it!

Keep us in your prayers and we'll keep you posted.

Thank you.

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

PS: I woke up at 2:22am and it was 22 degrees out. Add all those twos up and it’s a perfect 10!