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Have you chosen your word yet?

December 14 2021 – NICOLE ALLSHOUSE

Have you chosen your word yet?
Have you chosen your word yet?

2022 is quickly approaching, and this is the time of year I think about the one word I will live by in the new year.

For example, it might be brave or evolve or acceptance or align; it can be any word you want. This is similar to a New Year's Resolution but not as "specifically goal-oriented."Choosing a word is more of "a way of life practice." 

And although this seems a minor task- it sets the tone for my next 12 months. 

And here's how it works. 

Whatever word I choose, this word will guide every decision I make. 

So if my word for 2022 is commitment, I will remind myself of those ten letters every time I come to cross roads or rough patches in 2022. 

And when I have to decide between two things, I will tell myself, pick the one that exemplifies the most commitment. 

Do I lay on the couch or take that run? I would choose the run because that shows the most commitment towards good health. 

Do I let friendships take the back burner, or do I reach out and connect with others? I would connect with others because that shows the most commitment to maintaining healthy relationships. 

Think of the kind of person you want to be in 2022, and then think of a word that pushes you toward that. 

Make that your word of 2022. And let that word guide you professionally, personally, and spiritually. 

This also eliminates the feelings of failure if you "pick a New Years' resolution" and then don't keep it. 

"Choosing a word" creates a way of life that you practice every single morning you wake up and make decisions for that day. 

Just some food for thought!


Paleo Nicole Allshouse (Nick's assistant)

IG: @nicoleallshousetv