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Ice Age Meals Swims with the Sharks - Again!

December 21 2016 – Jessica Timmons


Do you guys remember a few months ago, when Nick jumped in the shark tank on ABC to answer that burning question, "Do sharks eat Paleo?" Well, it's all going down again. Set the DVR, friends and family, because Ice Age Meals is heading back to primetime!

It's not a second run to bait the sharks - just a rerun - but hey, don't rain on our parade. Yeah, yeah, we all know the sharks didn't bite, but we're still pumped to hear Nick's spout some Paleo poetry and serve up our signature dish - Butternut Squash Lasagna, baby! So make some room on your schedule, because it's all going down tomorrow night - Ice Age Meals will be ABC's "Shark Tank" Friday, December 16 at 9 pm PST.

In honor of this super-awesome news, we're bringing back the Shark Tank Sampler for a very limited time - that's the sampler with two of every meal, plus a bonus thrown in just because we love ya.

If you remember the Shark Tank rush - a top-shelf crazy time when we were bombarded with thousands upon thousands of orders following our first airing - fear not. We're already on our toes and ready to roll.

So tune in tomorrow night and maybe order up some Paleo goodness. If you want to spread the love, we're running a spicy little promo - use code SPICYGIFT on any physical gift card order (good for use in the store and online) and we'll toss in a free Paleo Grind spice blend.

Remember - Ice Age Meals will be on ABC's Shark Tank Friday night, December 16, at 9 pm PST. We can't wait!