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The Smoothie Trap - A Word of Warning from Paleo Nick

December 23 2016 – Jessica Timmons

The Smoothie Trap - A Word of Warning from Paleo Nick
The Smoothie Trap - A Word of Warning from Paleo Nick

The CrossFit Journal hit up Paleo Nick for a smoothie recipe the other day, but they probably weren't expecting this:

"Here's my take on smoothies. I'm not a big fan."

But why, you may ask. Aren't smoothies a convenient and delicious way to knock back some protein and carbs after hitting the weights?

In some cases, yes. But here's the problem.

From the article:

" 'Consuming macronutrients as liquids immediately causes a blood-sugar spike,' Massie said. The reason, he explained, is liquids spread over a large surface area, which allows the stomach lining to absorb carbs en masse. This effect can be used to your advantage immediately following a workout, when carbs in liquid form can quickly restore glycogen, but Massie said smoothie consumption should not become habitual.

'If you start your day with a smoothie or a juice,' Massie said, "even if consuming a Zone balance of protein at the same time, your blood sugar will spike, you'll store fat, and you'll burn through the carbs quickly, leaving you hungry again in no time."

The solution? Eat an Ice Age Meals instead! And if you don't have any of those in the freezer (bummer!), any appropriate mix of proteins, carbs and fats will do. Frame smoothies in your head like you would a milkshake - an occasional treat, but don't fool yourself into thinking you're getting the right kind of nutrition.

Check out the full article over at the CrossFit Journal.